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Co-tutelle - joint supervision Ph.D. studies

The doctoral study under the dual supervision of the dissertation thesis (known under the French name of co-tutelle) takes place based on an agreement between the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and a partner university abroad.

Within this study, doctoral students have the opportunity to write one dissertation thesis under the guidance of supervisors from both universities and obtain diplomas from both institutions. The research is carried out under joint supervision - one supervisor from each participating institution - and doctoral students always spend part of their doctoral studies at both institutions.

This cooperation significantly contributes to the deepening of doctoral studies internationalization and, in the long run, supports the incorporation of science and research into the international environment. Upon graduation, students receive two diplomas recognized by both cooperating universities.

Unlike the Double Degree program, where doctoral candidates need to decide beforehand and then pass through the admission process, students can opt for Co-tutelle during their studies.


Conditions for concluding a Co-tutelle contract

  1. students must be admitted to full-time doctoral studies at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague;
  2. students must discuss the possibility of conducting a doctoral study within the "cotutelle" program with their supervisor at the UCT Prague and contact their future supervisor at the partner university;
  3. students must be simultaneously enrolled at a partner university. The partner university may demand undergoing an entrance exam of this institution from the candidate;
  4. The following must be concluded with the partner university:
    1. Interinstitutional Agreement (MoU)
    2. Double-supervision doctorate agreement

Interinstitutional Agreement (MoU) and the double-supervision doctorate agreement which must be submitted to the International Relations Department for review and approval.

The procedure is described in more detail in Directive No. 60.50 / 14 (available only in Czech language).


Available PhD topics – cotutelle/dual supervision

The dissertation usually enters the cotutelle mode during the doctoral studies. However, there are some theses that already at the moment of listing expect implementation under dual supervision/cotutelle. They are thus very similar to a double degree. The reason for the existence of such cotutelles is a looser formal organisation of cooperation between universities (topics are listed only once, not every year repeatedly).

PhD topics – 2022/2023

Shear stress in mixed dispersions - experimental and numerical study to design fermenters better - Cotutelle with TU Berlin

Study programme: Chemical and Process Engineering (AD401)
Department: Ústav chemického inženýrství (FCHI)
Supervisor: Moucha Tomáš prof. Dr. Ing.


In fermentation technologies, mechanically agitated aerated vessels are frequently used. In cases of aerobic fermentations, the Oxygen Uptake Rate - OUR is frequently used as the important design parameter. This means that the gas-liquid mass transfer controlled process is considered and the volumetric mass transfer coefficient - kLa is taken as the most important parameter. The practice shows, however, that the impellers with lower Power number (which means lower turbulence intensity and lower kLa) often ensure higher bioprocess efficiency than those with high Power number (which means higher turbulence intensity and higher kLa). The explanation is brought by the fact that microorganisms/biomass might be damaged by the high turbulence intensity as explained further. The turbulence intensity is proportional to shear stresses occuring in the mechanically agitated fermentation batch. A high shear stress may "cut" the microorganisms, which stop producing their primary product then. The aim of the PhD thesis is to measure the quantities proportional to shear stress values at the process conditions of aerobic fermentations and couple them with the kLa values, which are already at disposal in the Mass Transfer Lab database at UCT Prague. This data coupling will enable to develope the highly efficient industrial fermenters design tool.

Thesis researched at: Ústav chemického inženýrství, VŠCHT Praha & Technische Universität Berlin

Gas - Liquid Mass Transfer. Experimental comparison of various apparatuses performance - Cotutelle with UNIPA

Study programme: Chemical and Process Engineering (AD401)
Department: Ústav chemického inženýrství (FCHI)
Supervisor: Moucha Tomáš prof. Dr. Ing.


The volumetric mass transfer coefficient (kLa) plays a crucial role in industrial design in the case of the process controlled by gas–liquid mass transfer. Prediction of kLa is nowadays mostly based on literature correlations. Our research goal is to establish suitable kLa correlations for different types of devices that would be based on the experimental dataset. The PhD thesis aim at the comparison of various gas-liquid contactor types from the viewpoint of their mass transfer efficiency. The suitable correlations will be developed that would be viable for mechanically agitated gas–liquid contactors and also for pneumatically agitated gas–liquid contactors such as airlift reactor.

Thesis researched at: Ústav chemického inženýrství, VŠCHT Praha & Università degli Studi di Palermo

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