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Start of PhD Study

Enrolment is according to the instructions of the Dean´s Office; doctoral studies usually start on September 1, or as agreed between the supervisor and the respective study officer of the faculty. If the facts stated in the application for study or the information provided during the enrolment procedure change in the course of the studies, the student shall promptly inform the Dean´s Office about such change. 

Each user of the UCT Prague computer network has his/her own user name and password, which are used to sign on to  the network services of UCT Prague. On enrolment the student will receive the information on how his/her login should look like. When the student signs on for the first time, he/she will be required to change his/her password  (for more details see the Computer Centre website).

It is necessary, as soon as possible, to pass safety at work training as well as electronics knowledge training, to fill in personal data and to prepare the individual study plan (ISP) in the e-doktorand system.

The study plan must be filled in as agreed with and recommended by the student´s supervisor.  The students choose at least four study subjects and preliminarily fill in the envisaged date of their completion, as well as the envisaged date for completing the duty of presenting at the English conference.

There are two documents describing the process (see document section below):

  • General instructions for filling ISP
  • Requirements of doctoral study boards for filling of ISP


Electronical input of the study plan will be performed by the new doctoral student in the e-doktorand application – during the week following the enrolment the student will receive an information e-mail with the link. The deadline for new students to complete the form in the e-doktorand system is usually September 30. The same date applies to the supervisors of the new students, therefore it is necessary to coordinate the input and approval of the information. In case of any problems, write to .

Each student has to sign a form Personal data policy - Consent to the use of personal data (see the form in document section below) at the begining of their study.


Updated: 1.9.2021 10:30, Author: Veronika Popová

General instructions for filling ISP02.09.2021
Requirements of doctoral study boards for filling of ISP (how many subjects for each module)14.05.2021
Personal Information Policy (Consent to the use of personal data)

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