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Start of PhD Study

Enrollments are conducted according to the instructions of the dean's offices, and the study of DSP typically begins on September 1, or as agreed upon with the supervisor and the faculty study secretary. If there are changes in the information provided in the study application or during enrollment during the course of the study, it is the student's responsibility to report the changes promptly to the faculty's dean's office.

Every user of the computer network at VŠCHT Prague has their own username and password, which they use to access VŠCHT Prague's network services. Students will receive information on what their login should look like when enrolling in the program. Upon the first login, changing the user password is required (more information is available on the Computing Center's website).

It is essential to complete occupational health and safety (BOZP) and fire protection (PO) training as soon as possible. Discuss with your supervisor what additional training your work may require (e.g., electrical safety in electronics, pressure vessels, stable pressure containers, training for drivers of vehicles up to 3.5 tons). Furthermore, it is necessary to fill out personal information in the SIS (Student Information System) as soon as possible, and, in agreement with your supervisor, complete an individual study plan (ISP) in the e-doctoral student module within the SIS.

The study plan should be filled out in consultation with and based on the recommendations of your supervisor. Students are required to choose at least four study subjects and provide a preliminary schedule for their completion, as well as a planned date for an English conference presentation.


Conditions of Study in Doctoral Study Programmes

The framework Conditions for study in DSP, as determined by the departmental councils at individual faculties, including information on the number of mandatory-elective subjects from modules A and B, are provided in the documents at the end of this page.

A more precise description of how to register for mandatory-elective subjects in the ISP in the e-doctoral student module within the SIS will be published soon.

Newly enrolled doctoral students electronically complete their study plans in the SIS in the e-doctoral student module. Newly enrolled doctoral students will receive clarification on this information immediately after enrollment at the latest. The deadline for submitting the completed ISP in the SIS for those students enrolling at the beginning of September is typically September 20, with the deadline for supervisor approval following shortly after the student's deadline (usually September 30). Therefore, data entry and approval should be coordinated accordingly.

You can find the manual for entering subjects into the ISP here.

Forms: Consent for Handling Personal Data (see at the bottom of the page)

Doctoral studies timeline (just an example)

Timeline of doctoral studies


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Conditions of Study in Doctoral Study Programmes

If links doesn't work, try download from document section at tho bottom of this page


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