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Health protection and safety at work (BOZP)

Some useful information regarding safety at work including all directives, decrees and regulations can be found on a separate web of the Intranet. The web also provides the option to enrol in training in electro (elektro), first aid (první pomoc), health protection and safety at work (BOZP) and fire safety (PO), and to download all basic documents. In case of a work accident it is necessary to report it and fill in the form. 

Central laboratories of UCT Prague

Central laboratories provide support to research and development and pedagogical activities of UCT Prague. Currently the Central laboratories comprise nine workplaces equipped for analyses of various types of substances and materials.  The information on individual laboratories, equipment, contacts and forms for submitting a  request for analysis can be found here.

Children's corner Zkumavka

Zkumavka is focused both on short-term and "all-day" babysitting. Its mission is to help the parents in combining professional or student life with family. Zkumavka does not replace daycare (Zkumavka does not guarantee a place for a child every day) but it is an alternative due to its flexibility for parents, who gradually return to the UCT Prague after their parental leave and prefer to have their children a few days a week close to themselves. Zkumavka is there for children from 2 years old until the start of compulsory education. There is a condition for registering a child to Zkumavka: the parent or the legal representative must be employed or studying at UCT Prague. More information here (the English website is under construction).


The menus of student canteens of the Czech Technical University, the canteens of UCT and the restaurants in the campus and its surroundings can be found on one webA student without work contract with UCT has the right to use a student discount in the student canteens and in the Pizzeria la fontanela. The discount can be used only once a day. You can monitor the balance of your account and the overview of use of funds in all contracted eateries in the application Strávník.


The General Practitioner department provides medical services to registered patients (registration is possible for all students and employees of UCT Prague) and work-health services for employees (regular checkups). In acute cases the doctor´s services can be used even without registration. Search for more information including the working hours, doctors and phone numbers here.

Night operation

In case your experiment runs for long term or overnight, the device on which the experiment is run can be added to the list of devices running overnight. The device described by you can be checked regularly (in night hours, at weekends) by the receptionist, who will inform you by using the stated contact about any exceptions.
Reporting of overnight operation - Nahlášení nočního provozu

Purchase of material

For purchase of chemicals, office stationary, technical gasses, chemical glassware, laboratory tools, etc. it is appropriate to use the internal ordering system (Objednávky), where you will choose from the catalogue and order all the required items from the UCT warehouse

After submitting the order and its approval by the person responsible for inventory of the department you will be informed by e-mail that the order is ready; the internal warehouse dispatches ready orders every day from 10 to 12 a.m. The central warehouse is located in the underground of building A in the room AS (see the map) and you can get there either by the staircase from or through the second courtyard. Manual for purchase of material from warehouse:

Computer network

Login, e-mail address assignment, connection to wi-fi, remote access, school licences and programmes are to be dealt with in compliance with information from the Computer Centre of UCT Prague.

International student - personal identification & Czech birth number

It is possible to be accepted to study even if a foreign applicant has not been assigned a Czech birth number (personal identifier derived from the date of birth all Czech citizens have since birth). The student is then assigned a substitute identification number in Study Information System (SIS), which is (also) derived from the date of birth. However, it is common for a doctoral student who is a citizen of a third country to be assigned a Czech birth number later, as part of the procedure of issuing or extending a long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic and the issuance of a biometric ID card by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (OAMP). Czech Birth number is usually indicated on the biometric card, or it is possible to request its issuance. Citizens of the EU/EEA and Switzerland who have free entry and residence in the Czech Republic have also the opportunity to apply for the assigment of a Czech birth number (information in Czech at Ministry of the interior). This Czech birth number is also used for identification of persons in other systems of the state administration of the Czech Republic and therefore it is highly recommended to have it to ease the living experience in the Czech Republic.

If a Czech birth number is assigned, it is necessary to contact the dean's office immediately to update this identifier in the SIS (Study Information System of UCT Prague).

This is especially important in case the doctoral student wants enter into an employment relationship with UCT Prague (Work contract, DPČ, DPP). At such a moment, it is advisable to check in advance both at the Dean's office (SIS) and at the Personnel department that they both use the same identifier.

In case the information in SIS is not complete (Czech birth number is not registered), there is a risk that independent duplicate user account records might be created, causing various problems. If this already happened, it is necessary to resolve it with the Computer center ( immediately upon detection of such situation and to inform the Personnel department and the Dean's office as well, so they can start using the same identifier.

Any other questions?

Take a look on the website of Department of International Relations!

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