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Study programmes and PhD topics

PhD studies at UCT Prague

Application deadline:  15th April  2023

  • List of PhD topics - the new list is published at the beginning of  application period

UCT Prague has over 800 doctoral students conducting cutting-edge research work in all of its four faculties.

Doctoral students work closely with their advisors, primarily as scientific assistants, assisting with research projects in addition to completing any required coursework. The UCT Prague doctoral experience also includes opportunities for teaching and of course, writing and defending a doctoral dissertation related to the research projects.

Doctoral students at the UCT Prague can complete their studies either as full-time students or as a combination of full-time and distance learning. Each student’s doctoral experience is always tailored to the needs of the individual student, according to the pace at which requirements are completed. The standard length of the doctoral study programme is four years, according to current accreditation requirements.

It is essential when applying for doctoral studies that you find an advisor who will guide you through the entire duration of your PhD studies. 

See the admission proceedings.

PhD Double Degree at UCT Prague

8 PhD Double Degree Study Programmes with UCT Prague participation

Application deadline:  15th April  2023

  • Time to complete: Four years
  • One dissertation, fully integrated study programmes (specialized courses at home university and interdisciplinary course at partner university)
  • Two diplomas from both home as well as partner university


Study programmes

The new list is published at the beginning of  application period.

Updated: 2.11.2022 11:51, Author: Mili Viktorie Losmanová

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Contacts for Prospective PhD Students

Administrative Issues (Application procedure, Visa etc.):

Specific Questions:

PhD study applicants shall contact the Dean's Office with specific questions regarding the field of scientific study or theme of dissertation. The Dean's Office shall also help students search for a suitable dissertation supervisor. Please contact :





or directly the supervisor listed at the chosen Topic of PhD study.


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